Cole was raised working in his family’s bike shop and enjoyed riding all different cycling disciplines when he wasn’t sweeping the floors. Progression and competition fueled him to strive for perfection in everything he takes on in life. Cole has seen the bicycle as an avenue to push himself to new limits, make change, and explore nature. Cole shined through Collegiate Cycling, winning 4 national titles and promptly turned professional after graduation. He met his girlfriend, Savilia Blunk in school and together they have supported each other into young and successful careers. Cole’s calendar will be focused around all major endurace off-road events in the United States with the goal of winning the LifeTime Grand Prix. Cole will be focused on producing a docuseries and high level content to highlight his pursuit of the sport, and the value of his partnerships. He finds importance in spreading kindness, and remaining accessible to the younger generation through development programs.

Nationality: American
From: Cashmere, WA
Based: Durango, CO
Birthday: December 5, 1997
Speciality: Endurance Offroad Events