Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Jack comes from a cycling family, and being on a bike has been a part of his life as long as he can remember. He first started racing when he joined his high school’s NICA team, starting off with cross country, but eventually finding his stride with endurance racing.

Currently, Jack lives in Durango, Colorado. At only 21 years old, he is competing at the highest level and already achieving some impressive results in his first full season of bike racing.

Nationality: American
Based: Durango, CO
Birthday: Nov. 8, 2002
Type of Rider: Endurance Offroad


2023 (age: 20)

  • Iron Horse Bicycle Classic road race- 3rd place
  • Unbound Gravel 200- 21st place
    Bighorn Gravel- 4th place
  • Crushar in the Tushar- 23rd place
  • Leadville Trail 100- 15th place (6:24 finish time)
  • LifeTime Grand Prix overall: 22/35

2022 (age: 19)

  • Silver Rush 50 MTB- 1st place
    Leadville Trail 100- 18th place (6:41 finish time)

2021 (age: 18)

  • Leadville Trail 100- 17th place (6:59 finish time)


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