Carter Woods is a two-time World Cup winner and U23 division racer with the professional Norco Factory Team. Growing up in the small village of Cumberland, B.C., located on Vancouver Island, he began mountain biking at a young age, escaping with friends to ride through Pacific Northwest Rainforest. Growing up in such a landscape made mountain biking second nature for him.

At the age of 15, Carter participated in his first race, which introduced him to the world of professional mountain bike racing. By 17, he had decided to pursue racing as his career.

On May 8th, 2021, Carter won his first World Cup in Altstadt, Germany. A week later, in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic, he won his second. These back-to-back wins were not just special for Carter – Canada had not won a World Cup since 2009.

Nationality: Canadian
Based: Cumberland, BC
Birthday: December 21, 2001
Height: 186cm
Type of Rider: Mountain Bike XCO