Ruby got involved with competitive cycling at the age of 12, splitting her time between road and track for her first few years of racing. Winning many national titles on the track at the U17 and U19 levels as well as competing at a national level on the road with a podium in the National Championships Time Trial as a junior. As she progressed, cyclocross became her main focus. Since then, Ruby has represented Canada at five consecutive World Championships for cyclocross as well as banking many impressive results around north america and europe in her still young career. 

in 2021, Ruby has committed to pursuing the track, after being recruited by the Canadian NextGen program. This provides the perfect opportunity to train and represent Canada in a high performance environment, while still allowing her to split her time with cyclocross. This move comes at this point with eyes towards the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. 

Off the bike Ruby keeps busy at her family farm looking after chickens, goats and a new donkey. She loves to help maintain the garden and grow fresh vegetables all summer long. Ruby has a great love and appreciation for anything outdoors and aims to do her part in minimizing her footprint through sustainable swaps in her daily life.

Nationality: Canadian
From: Hamilton, ON
Based: Dundas, ON
Birthday: July 7, 1999
Type of Rider: Cyclocross & Track
Height: 1.70m (5’7″)



Career Highlights

  • Current U23 Pan American Champion
  • Three Time U23 Canadian National Champion
  • Represented Canada at Four Consecutive World Championships
  • 1st Pan American Championships (U23)

  • 2nd Canadian Championships (U23)

  • 3rd Cincinnati C1

  • 3rd NBX C2 day 1

  • 3rd NBX C2 day 2

  • 3rd Supercross C2 day 2

  • 8th Loenhout C1

  • 9th U23 World Championships

  • 12th Wisconsin WC (2nd U23)

  • 19th Iowa WC (5th U23)

  • 28th Zolder WC (7th U23)

  • 34th Namur WC (11th U23)

  • 1st– Canadian U23 National Championships

  • 1st– Supercross C2

  • 1st– Sherbrooke C2 Day 1

  • 1st– Sherbrooke C2 Day 2

  • 1st– Peterborough C2

  • 2nd– U23 Pan American Cyclocross Championships

  • 2nd– NBX Warwick C2

  • 3rd– NBX Warwick C1

  • 7th– Rochester C1

  • 9th Overall U23 UCI Rankings

  • 15th– Sven Nys Baal C1

  • 21st– DVV Louenhout C1

  • 1st– Canadian U23 National Championships

  • 1st- NBX GP of Cross C2 Day 1

  • 1st- NBX GP of Cross C2 Day 2

  • 1st- Silver Goose C2 Day 1

  • 1st- Silver Goose C2 Day 2

  • 1st- NCGP C2 Day 1

  • 1st- NCGP C2 Day 2

  • 5th- Jingle Cross C2

  • 5th- U23 Pan American Cyclocross Championships

  • 11th- KMC Day 3

  • 13th-KMC Day 1

  • 14th- Rochester C1

  • 21st– U23 World Championships

  • 24th– Wisconsin WC – 3rd U23

  • 31st– Iowa WC – 3rd U23